Over 55 years competence and experience in good hearing

HÖRGERÄTE SEIFERT is a leading hearing aid company in Southern Germany This family business was founded in 1962 and builds its tradition on the best possible level of service and state-of-the-art technology.

HÖRGERÄTE SEIFERT offers a particularly wide range of products with leading global brands, designed to offer you the optimal hearing solution in every case.

Our trained professionals strive to employ their expertise and empathy to identify the best possible solution for each and every customer. By employing precise hearing measurements and discussing your personal hearing needs, they are able to provide an accurate consultation and select the correct equipment and completely individual configuration for your needs.

This all takes place because it is only as a result of this work that the high-performance miniature computers in modern hearing systems, with the many possibilities they offer, are put in the position of being able to provide the results you are looking for.

HÖRGERÄTE SEIFERT also offers custom hearing protection as well as many other products to ensure your good hearing. For a quick and personalized service, HÖRGERÄTE SEIFERT offers you its own professional otoplastic factory.