Service and performance

HÖRGERÄTE SEIFERT‘s highly-trained audiologists draw on their high level of competence and extensive experience to provide you with the very best level of service. After all, the fitting of a good hearing aid requires extensive expertise and good empathy.

The process of getting a hearing aid:

We accurately determine your hearing profile and personal hearing needs after performing hearing measurements and an individual counselling session. We then custom-manufacture your earpiece to ensure the best possible fit and optimal wearing comfort. Together with you, we select the appropriate hearing aids from our extensive range that best fits your needs and program these exactly to suit your hearing. That´s a big decision to make, that can improve the quality of your relationships in the years to come. We want to support you as much as possible, and you will have the opportunity to test the device for one to two weeks before final decision.

In the following years, we continue to offer regular service appointments and professional support for a long, undisturbed, good quality hearing.